What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small piece of data that a website collects, so that it can remember helpful information about you and your browsing history. Designed to enhance your website experience, a Cookie is generally used to check if you are logged into a site, and if so, under which account, and to store information, such as which products you may have viewed, saved or added or compared. Session cookies only store information about you for the duration of your visit, whereas persistent cookies keep your details in case you should decide to return to the site.

How and Why Baumatic uses them?

Baumatic uses cookies to help ensure that we can offer you the best website experience. As well as storing information about your browsing history, so that you can track which pages and products you have viewed and shared, our cookies will be used to give us an idea of which functions most of our visitors are using. This kind of information will help us to know which products you like and which website features you find most helpful. No details about individual users will be used or shared with third parties. However, in some places, we may link to third party partners, and if you click on them, they may also use Cookies.

Can I reject or delete Cookies?

You can reject or block the cookies set by Baumatic or any of our third party suppliers. Although most browsers automatically accept cookies, you can change the browser settings to actively block or delete them.

What Cookies will Baumatic use?

Baumatic uses both session and persistent Cookies to help make your visit to our Website as user-friendly and enjoyable as possible.

These are the Cookies that we are currently using:

X-Cart store_langauge Cookie: This Cookie is used to store the language preferences of the user. It expires after a year.

X-Cart Referer Cookie: Designed to expire after the user session ends, this Cookie reveals the url of the page that referred you to your current location.

X-Cart Xid Cookie: This Cookie is only designed to last until the end of the visitor’s session. It is used to remember the user’s personal account information, such as their name, address and order history as well as the contents of their basket, comparison search and wishlist.

Utma: This is a Cookie used by Google Analytics to help evaluate a visitor’s use of a website. With this Cookie, each unique browser is given a unique ID, when they visit a page on a specific website, thereby giving the website owner the opportunity to analyse that user’s site activity. This functionality helps brands like Baumatic to work out the number of visits to their Site as well as the regularity with which it is used by the same visitors. The Cookie stores browser information for 2 years.

Utmb & Utmc: These 2 Cookies only store information for around 30 minutes, their primary function being to establish a session. They are used to work out the number of views per page, and which pages are generating outbound links.

Utmz: This Cookie is used to reveal information about the way in which visitors navigate specific websites. The Cookie keeps a record of when the Site is reached via a search engine, direct link or advertisement link, thereby enabling brands, such as Baumatic to keep track of the success of their marketing campaigns, as well as the popularity of their Web pages. These Cookies expire 6 months from when they are last updated.