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Term Explanation
Conventional A static oven with no circulation fan
Multifunctional An oven that offers multiple cooking options, allowing the user to cook with a combination of heat from the top and the bottom of the oven, the grill and the fan element.
Minute Minder Allows you to count down a pre-selected cooking time.
LED Full Programmer An auto-time management feature that allows the user to set the oven to come on at a pre-selected time, cook a dish and then automatically switch off once the cooking time is over.
Auto-Cook Recipes Auto-cook Recipes set the ideal cooking conditions for a selected dish, provided the correct ingredients are supplied.
Boost (quick pre-heat) This function accelerates the times it takes to reach the desired cooking temperature
Pyrolytic self-cleaning function Designed to automatically clean the oven, pyrolytic programmes use high temperatures to burn grease and grime from off the appliance walls. All that remains for the user to do is to gently wipe the remaining residue away.
Turbo Clean An energy efficient alternative to standard self-cleaning functions, the Turbo Clean cycle only requires 250 degrees Celsius to work, exactly half the temperature needed for pyrolytic self-cleaning programmes. Thanks to the oven’s special enamel coating and replaceable wall panels, the Turbo Clean cycle can break down any grease and grime into gaseous substances.
Steam Clean Energy efficient 15 minute self-cleaning oven cycle.
Catalytic liners Catalytic liners are designed to absorb grease and dirt and then burn it away when the oven reaches a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius. The filters usually last a long time, but they can be replaced.
Telescopic shelves Allows oven trays to slide out for ease of access


Term Explanation
Gas Hobs Gas Hobs are ideal for those who appreciate control and precision. They are extremely sensitive to temperature change, allowing the user to judge the level of power in use by the size of the naked flame. Food does tend to burn onto their surfaces, so they can be more difficult to clean, especially because dirt can become stuck in the crevices inside and around the gas burners.
Flame Failure Safety Device This feature is designed to help prevent gas leaks, automatically cutting the gas supply, if the flame is ever accidentally extinguished.
Economy Burner This is a less powerful and smaller burner that is meant for heating smaller pots and pans or for simmering food in medium sized utensils.
Rapid Burner This is a powerful burner, which is designed to heat bigger pans. Rapid burners are especially good for flat bottomed pans and for heating water quickly.
Wok Burner A high powered burner, this feature is designed for curved bottom pans. When a wok is used, the burner cooks in the style of a traditional Chinese wood stove. However, flat bottomed pans can still be used.
Fish Kettle Burners Fish Kettle Burners are two oval shaped gas burners that can be used together to heat long pans, such as fish kettles.
Cast Iron Pan Stands These are cast iron support structures on which pots and pans can be placed.
Solid Plate hobs Solid Plate Hobs easy to install and use, often only requiring a single socket,, with most operating at the turn of a dial.
Ceramic Hobs Ceramic hobs are one of the safest and most convenient model types for families. Their contemporary sleek surface also makes them very easy to clean and maintain.
Safety Lock Safety Locks are designed to prevent any accidental change of setting, this function disables the controls once the hob has been programmed and set to operate.
Auto-cut off Timer If a cooking zone has not been in use for over a certain amount of time, then the power will be automatically cut off.
Residual Heat Indicator This function warns the user if a recently switched off cooking zone is still too hot to touch, often displaying some letter or symbol to indicate if the temperature of the ring is over 60 degrees Celsius.
Dual Zone This is a regular size cooking zone that can be extended to fit oval shaped or larger pans. Dual zones are often more powerful than standard zones.
Domino Hobs

Domino Hobs are the perfect choice for experimental cooks and entertainers or for those with compact or galley style kitchens. Available in 30-40cm sizes, they can be installed as a solo hob for tight kitchen spaces or for additional cooking support if a main hob has already been fitted.

Domino hobs can also be fitted as part of a set to create one dynamic standard or super size hob that offers a diverse array of cooking styles and fuel types. With domino sets, you can have a variety of heating methods at your disposal, such as induction wok, Teppanyaki and barbeque cooking.

Teppan Yaki Hobs

A form of traditional Japanese cooking, Teppanyaki hobs have been developed to suit the contemporary household, offering super fast cooking times as well as a healthier alternative to frying your food. Designed to flash-fry or to cook vegetables, meats and fish, the Teppan Yaki method of heating is much healthier than pan-frying, as it uses very little oil and can retain high temperatures, so that food loses less of its nutritional value during the cooking process. An extremely energy efficient way to cook, minimal energy is lost during the heating process, because food is cooled directly on the surface of the hob.

Teppanyaki cooking is ideal for both experienced and inexperienced cooks, as unlike a high temperature grill, the temperature never exceeds 250 degrees Celsius, so even delicate or sensitive food can be perfectly and effortlessly cooked. Teppanyaki hobs are ideal for entertaining, enabling dinner guests to select and add their own food to the hob, and watch it be cooked according to their own personal specifications.

Induction Wok Hobs Offering traditional wok cooking with a contemporary twist, these models ensure super fast cooking at the touch of a button. Thanks to their induction technology, these models can switch from a low to a high temperature in seconds, as heat is immediately transferred to the bowl itself, requiring no conduction route through the hob. A healthy cooking method, wok cooking requires very little oil. The bowl’s high heat retention also means that the nutritional value of the food is not evaporated during a lengthy heating process.

Induction is an extremely fast and energy efficient heating method, using up to 90% of the energy produced during the cooking process. As an energy-saving method of cooking, induction is ideal for galley style and open-plan kitchens, because less heat is likely to escape into the surrounding atmosphere.

Induction is the safest form of hob cooking, as heat is transferred directly to the base of the utensil being heated, not to the zone itself. This means that induction hob surfaces remain much cooler than the tops of gas or standard electric models. Induction hobs often offer a number of additional safety features, which warn if foreign objects or liquids are detected on the hob surface. Most models are also designed to provide pan compatibility detection to let the user know if the cooking utensil in use has the necessary magnetic base that is required for induction cooking.

Offering a minimalist and contemporary look, induction hobs are very easy to clean and maintain thanks to their sleek and smooth surfaces.

Induction Cooking Tip: You may not need to buy specialist cooking utensils for your induction hob. Induction cooking simply requires a pot or pan that has a magnetic base. You can use a standard household magnet to test whether or not your existing cookware is suitable for induction cooking.


Ventilation Methods

Term Explanation
Extraction Extraction removes the polluted air from the kitchen and takes it outside. To work, extraction requires a vent through an outside wall. If a cooker hood is to be fitted as an extractor model it will therefore need to be installed on, or within 3 metres of, an outside kitchen wall.
Perimeter extraction Perimeter Extraction improves the efficiency of the extraction process and reduces the sound level of the appliance.
Recirculation Recirculation sucks the polluted air in, cleans it and then pushes it back out into the kitchen through a vent in the cooker hood. A carbon filter or re-circulating kit is necessary for re-circulation. The carbon filters will need to be replaced throughout the life of the cooker hood.

Installation Types

Term Explanation
Wall Mounted Chimney Hoods Chimney hoods offer unrivalled efficiency, sitting directly above the cooking appliance and sucking in the upward rising odours.
Integrated Cooker Hoods Designed to fit behind a front-facing kitchen cupboard, integrated cooker hoods are ideal for fitted kitchens, helping to create a unified kitchen design.
Telescopic Cooker Hood The most space-saving model type, telescopic cooker hoods are designed to pull out from underneath a decorative kitchen cupboard.
Standard cooker hoods The most cost effective model type, standard cooker hoods are designed to jut out from underneath a decorative kitchen cupboard. Baumatic offers a selection of Standard Cooker Hoods, which come equipped with 3 power levels as well as user-friendly slider control operation.
Island hoods

Designed for installation above a centre island unit or counter, island hoods must be fitted directly to the ceiling. They come with adjustable chimney sections to fit the ceiling height.

The extraction rate required for the 25m3 average sized room is 200-300m3/hr.


Term Explanation
Dual fuel cookers Dual fuel cookers usually come equipped with gas hobs and electric ovens, so that the user has a wider range of cooking functionality at his or her disposal.
Compact Cookers Designed to fit into a slim 50 or 60cm wide slot, compact cookers can provide up to 10 litres more capacity than 72cm double ovens. Ideal for tight spaces, 60cm slot-in cookers can require less room than 90cm double ovens, sometimes fitting into slots that are up to 288mm less wide.
Range Cookers Available in a range of sizes 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, ideal for the professional and enthusiastic cook
Single Cavity One large oven for cooking, available in 90cm range cookers, Dual Fuel or all Gas
Twin Cavity One large oven and one smaller oven, ideal for larger families or for people who love to entertain. Available in 90cm, 100cm and 120cm, Dual Fuel, all gas, or all electric options, to suit all installation types.


Term Explanation
Combination Microwaves Combination microwave ovens can double up as a space-saving three-in-one cooking appliance, offering grilling, fan oven and microwave programmes and specialist combined functions to provide the user with a complete range of cooking tools at his or her disposal. Thanks to its smaller capacity size and cooking speed, the combi enables consumers to bake, crisp and brown and even cook an entire Sunday roast dinner much more quickly than in a standard size conventional oven.
Energy Efficiency Although microwaves are not awarded energy ratings, they are defined by heating categories, and from these, an approximate idea of power and energy consumption can be found. The heating categories range from A-E, with E representing those models that offer the fastest cooking times and which usually use the most power, consuming around 741-800 Watts of energy.
Auto-programmes At the touch of a button, microwaves can be programmed to set the ideal temperature and cooking conditions for a dish, once the name and the weight of the food have been selected. These automatic recipes are often referred to as Auto-Programmes, and microwaves can offer up to 60 of them.
Memory Some models are even designed to provide a memory for the user to save his or her own recipes, so that they can automatically recall the cooking conditions of their own favourite recipes.
Auto-reheat Button Auto-reheat buttons ensure that the microwave can automatically calculate the time required for a dish to cook, once the weight of a food has been confirmed.
Multiple Sequence Cooking Feature This is another time-saving feature, which allows the microwave to be set to go through a selected series of cooking conditions in whatever order is desired. It saves the user the hassle of stopping and starting the microwave every time they want to add a programme. For example, the microwave might be set to defrost, microwave and then grill a food, so that the consumer only needs to programme the microwave once for it to perform three different functions.
LED Full Programmer LED Full Programmers are supremely convenient, enabling microwaves to be set to come on at a selected time, cook a dish and then automatically switch off once the cooking time is over.
Enquiry Mode The Enquiry Mode feature actually enables the user to interact with the microwave, so that information about power consumption can be demanded during cooking, as and when it is needed. At the touch of a button, the user can find out how much power is being used, as well as the time of day.
Defrost Function The Defrost function has been developed, so that microwaves can automatically calculate the best defrosting conditions, based on the type and weight of the food.
Term Explanation
Automatic defrost Normal ice droplets which form on the back wall are automatically defrosted and allowed to exit the fridge through a defrost water channel that is usually hidden.
Fan-assisted refrigeration Fan-assisted refrigeration offer some additional defrosting help, working to condense any build-up of ice and improve cold air circulation.
Frost free Frost free fridge/freezers offer the most efficient automatic defrosting method available, helping to minimize the need for freezer maintenance. Fan assisted, frost free fridge/freezers help to combat the formation of ice altogether. Equipped with a back wall panel, frost free models ensure that if any harmful build-up of ice should develop, it will never be seen and allowed to contaminate the food that is stored inside the appliance.
Temperature-controlled drawers Temperature controlled drawers offer specialist refrigeration conditions for a variety of different foods. Such temperature specific storage is often designed to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce, pantry style foods, and meats and fish.
Types of freezing Star rating: * ideal for keeping food refrigerated for 3-4 days.
Star rating: ** stores food for 15-20 days.
Star rating: *** can keep food safely stored for up to 3 months
Star rating: **** perfect for freezing down fresh and pre-cooked foods.
Fast Cool and Fast freeze Switches These modes accelerate cooling and freezing down times, so that the taste and the texture of food can be preserved more effectively. They are ideal for boosting the freezing down time of recently purchased food.
Baumi-Regener-Lite Technology Baumatic uses energy-saving LED functionality to simulate natural sunlight. This helps to ensure that fresh foods can continue to photosynthesise and regenerate, so that they can be preserved for longer.
Salad crispers for the safe storage of fresh produce
Door balconies internal shelf racks, which include storage space for bottles, cartons or dairy goods as well as compartments for fresh fruits and dry foods, such as meats and fish.
Holiday functions Holiday functions are ideal for any prolonged absences from home, automatically switching the fridge off and increasing the freezer temperature.
Energy-saving Modes automatically increase the fridge and freezer temperatures – great for use when fewer delicate fresh and frozen groceries are required.
Multi-door fridge/freezer models Multi-door fridge/freezers are space-saving, enabling the user to open up one compartment at a time so that valuable kitchen space can be saved. Such fridge/freezer models also tend to be more energy efficient, as only the section required needs to be opened and exposed to room temperature.


Term Explanation
Beverage Centre Offering a compact versatile storage solution, beverage centres can be used to store and chill alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks.
Dual Temperature Zone Dual temperature wine coolers allow for the simultaneous storage of two types of wine that require different chilling temperatures. For example, you can set the temperature of the upper temperature zone to store your red wine, and programme the lower compartment to chill your white wine.
Humidity Gage Box The humidity level is crucial to the preservation of wine. It should be kept at around 70% - if it is left to rise above this, it can lead to the growth of mould. Humidity boxes can help to maintain the correct humidity level for your wine. To monitor the humidity level, you simply need to fill the box up to three quarters of the way, and check whether or not the amount of water decreases over time.
Thermo-electric “Peltier” System This kind of compressor-free technology helps to minimize vibration and ensure Quiet Operation.


Term Explanation
Delay Start Timer This enables you to pre-programme your washing machine to automatically come on at a certain time. Amongst other things, this function gives you the option of pre-setting your washing machine to operate during the evening, when energy tariffs tend to be lower.
Air Bubble System This helps to counter the potentially damaging effects of more vigorous and thorough washes, generating 500 million air bubbles per cycle, so that washes are tough on dirt and not on your clothes!
My Favourites Memory Button Recalls your favourite wash conditions and at the touch of a button.
Flexi-Eco Wash Cycle cuts most available programmes by 20 minutes, helping to save time, energy and water.
Energy Efficiency Rating Washing machines are graded A+++ -D, with A+++ being the highest attainable grade available for energy efficiency in the laundry sector. EU labels outline 3 grades, one for energy efficiency, one for spin performance and the other for water extraction.
Direct Drive System Requiring fewer parts and no links or conventional belts, Direct Drive creates little vibration and movement, making the washing process a much quieter affair. As the motor is not usually directly attached to the drum, Direct Drive also helps to eliminate the sound that would otherwise be created by this contact during operation.
Stainless steel drums Drums that are made from stainless steel are especially durable and minimize the need for washing machine maintenance.
180 degree opening door A 180 degree opening door means that washing can be loaded and unloaded more easily.
Chef or Multiple Fabrics Programme This features allows fabrics like cottons and synthetic coloured to be washed together, using the minimal amount of energy required for them to be thoroughly cleaned.
Eco Wash 15 -40 Minute Rapid Eco Wash programmes are now also being developed, offering a faster alternative to regular Eco or Economy programmes which can take up to 2 hours to complete. Operating at 30-40 degree Celsius temperatures, such Rapid Cycles offer an energy-saving and fast option for everyday washing.
Customizable Wash Programmes Many washing machines enable you to customize your wash programme options, allowing you to adjust the spin speed, water level as well as the temperature of a particular programme, so that you can save time and money.
Auto-programme Designed to enhance wash results and reduce unnecessary energy and water consumption, this intelligent function calculates the level of cleaning required by a specific load of washing, and then sets the ideal wash conditions needed to achieve an optimum wash result.


Term Explanation
Auto-sensor drying calculates how much drying is required by a particular wash load. Eliminating the need to calculate and to set run times, this function ensures that the machine will automatically operate until the wash load is dry.
Air Dry Cycle energy-saving feature which uses air, not heat to dry.


If you don’t have room for two separate appliances, washer dryers are an ideal solution. Enabling you to wash and dry in one machine..

Term Explanation
Place Settings

Place Settings indicate the number of dishes and pieces of cutlery that a dishwasher will hold.

An average size dishwasher has 12 place settings, this means it can hold:

  • Dinner plate – 12 nos.,
  • Dessert plate - 12 nos.,
  • Glass tumbler – 12 nos.,
  • Tea cup and saucer – 12 nos.
  • Knives, forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and teaspoons - 12 nos. each.
  • Serving plates and serving spoons – 3-4 nos.
  • Bowls – 12 nos.
Semi-integrated Semi-integrated models ensure that the control panel remains visible and accessible.
Collapsible Drawers and Compartments Collapsible Drawers and Compartments allow more dishes to be washed per cycle. They are ideal for accommodating awkwardly shaped pots and pans.
Auto-sensor technology Auto-sensor technology will set the ideal temperature and wash conditions needed for a specific load of dishes, ensuring that only the energy and water needed is used during a wash cycle.
Residual Drying Residual Drying uses the remaining heat from a programme to help dry dishes
Alternate Basket function The Alternate Basket function allows the user to select which basket should be washed.
Half Load option The Half Load option allows the user to wash just one of the two baskets, so that energy and money can be saved when there are fewer dishes to be cleaned.
Glassware programmes Glassware programmes are ideal for delicate glass as well crystal and fine china collections, lightly washing and rinsing delicate items, perfectly polishing them as well as drying them so that they do not leave streak marks. These programmes may require the rinse aid level to be re-set.
Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another point to consider, helping to save time and money. The energy efficiency rating is graded A+++ – D, with the A+++ providing the highest level of efficiency attainable. Baumatic standard size dishwasher models can use as little as 11 litres of water per economy programme.

Three-in-one programmes: these have been especially created for 3-in-1 tablets, ensuring that they work as efficiently as possible, by preventing the harmful over-use of salt.