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Ovens & Range Cookers

A-10% Energy Efficiency: “A” is the highest energy grade available for ovens. However, Baumatic has developed some ovens that use 10% less energy than standard A rated models. We describe these ovens as offering an “A-10%” level of efficiency. Our MegaChef Ovens are “A-10%” models.

Half Grill: Some models provide a Half Grill as well as a Full Grill, giving the user the option of cooking smaller portions of food to save some energy and money.

Baumi-Eco Fan: Designed to cook smaller portions of food, the Baumi-Eco Fan works by reducing the length of the pre-heat time and by ensuring that the cooling fan does not come into operation until the oven reaches a certain temperature.

Residual Heat function: The Residual Heat function warns if the temperature remains above 50 degrees Celsius in the immediate post-cooking phase. With this indication system, the user has the option of recycling the remaining heat to warm or even cook a dish.

Turbo Cleaning Cycle: The Turbo Clean cycle only requires 250 degrees Celsius to work, exactly half the temperature needed for pyrolytic self-cleaning programmes. Thanks to the oven’s special enamel coating and replaceable wall panels, the Turbo Clean cycle can break down any grease and grime into gaseous substances.

SteamClean: Automatic SteamClean cycles are an energy efficient alternative to pyrolytic self-cleaning programmes, using steam to clean the oven cavity in as little as 15 minutes.


Residual Heat Indicator: This function warns the user if a recently switched off cooking zone is still too hot to touch, often displaying some letter or symbol to indicate if the temperature of the ring is over 60 degrees Celsius.


LED lighting: Many Baumatic Cooker Hoods are equipped with LED light bulbs, which are more energy-saving than standard Halogen lights.


Holiday functions: Holiday functions are ideal for any prolonged absences from home, automatically switching the fridge off and increasing the freezer temperature.

Energy-saving Modes: automatically increase the fridge and freezer temperatures – great for use when fewer delicate fresh and frozen groceries are required.

Twist & Serve Ice Dispenser: Requiring no plumbing in, Twist & Serve Ice Dispensers can help to save energy, because they are not motor-drive.

Adjustable Thermostat: This allows you to increase the fridge/freezer temperature if and when you can.


Baumatic Flexi-Eco Wash: This feature is designed to cut 20 minutes off any selected wash programme, enabling the user to save time and money.

Eco Wash: 15 -40 Minute Rapid Eco Wash programmes are now also being developed, offering a faster alternative to regular Eco or Economy programmes which can take up to 2 hours to complete. Operating at 30-40 degree Celsius temperatures, such Rapid Cycles offer an energy-saving and fast option for everyday washing.

Customizable Wash Programmes: Many washing machines enable you to customize your wash programme options, allowing you to adjust the spin speed, water level as well as the temperature of a particular programme, so that you can save time and money.

Auto-programme: Designed to enhance wash results and reduce unnecessary energy and water consumption, this intelligent function calculates the level of cleaning required by a specific load of washing, and then sets the ideal wash conditions needed to achieve an optimum wash result.

Chef or Multiple Fabrics Programme: This features allows fabrics like cottons and synthetic coloured to be washed together, using the minimal amount of energy required for them to be thoroughly cleaned.


Auto-sensor drying: calculates how much drying is required by a particular wash load. Eliminating the need to calculate and to set run times, this function ensures that the machine will automatically operate until the wash load is dry..

Air Dry Cycle: energy-saving feature which uses air, not heat to dry.


Water use: Baumatic Dishwashers are designed to save water, with some standard size model running on as little 10.5 litres of water per economy cycle.

Rapid Eco 30 Minute Wash Cycles: These programmes only use only 8.9 litres of water per cycle and often operate at below 50 degree Celsius temperatures.

Eco Rinse Programmes: These cold/low temperature programmes are ideal for lightly soiled clothes, gently cleansing and rinsing the load in just 8 minutes.

Auto-sensor technology: will set the ideal temperature and wash conditions needed for a specific load of dishes, ensuring that only the energy and water needed is used during a wash cycle.

Residual Drying: uses the remaining heat from a programme to help dry dishes

Alternate Basket function: allows the user to select which basket should be washed, when there are fewer dishes to be cleaned.

Half Load option: allows the user to wash just one of the two baskets, so that energy and money can be saved when there are fewer dishes to be cleaned.