46cm (high) compact 11 function multifunction oven

Model: BO455TS
  • 11 functions including a pizza function
  • Premium-line black glass with titanium side bands design
  • Touch controls including LCD full programmer to programme the oven to come on, cook a dish and switch itself off
  • Safety shelf, deep stainless steel baking tray, shallow stainless steel baking tray, 2 x baking tray support shelves
  • 30 preset recipies with the possibility to set 100 recipies of your favourite dishes
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
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Key Features
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Key Features


Separate light control allows the light to be switched on even when the oven is off.

Safety Lock

A Safety Lock is designed to ensure that the control panel of an appliance cannot be accidentally changed during operation.

Mark Resistant Coating

To help minimize the need for polishing, many Baumatic products have a Mark Resistant Coating. This kind of coating is fingerprint as well as smudge resistant.

Easy Programming

For those with busy lives, this oven function enables you to programme your oven to start and stop at the times you require, so you don’t have to be around to mind the cooking process

Cooling Fan

Cooling fans are designed to prevent ovens and control panels from becoming dangerously hot. Even after an oven has been switched off, they will continue to operate until the temperature reaches a safe level.


Many Baumatic cooking appliances offer Timer features, which enable you to count down the cooking time. Several of these Timer functions also allow you to set the appliance to come on at a pre-selected time, cook a dish and then automatically switch off once the cooking time has elapsed.


The fan runs without heat to reduce the defrosting time of frozen foods.

PRH (Preheating)

This function uses the grill, lower, elements and fan. It is intended for preheating the oven up to 210°C in a faster time.

Pizza Function

This method of cooking uses the lower and circular element while the heat is distributed by the fan. It reproduces the same conditions of traditional clay wood-fire stoves.Click here to read our Pizza Stone Recipies

Fan & Grill

Suitable for browning where required. It is also suitable for “sealing” in the juices, perfect for steaks, hamburgers and some vegetables.

Circular Element With Fan

A faster and more economical operation. Cooking with the fan on allows different kinds of food to be cooked simultaneously on different shelves, preventing the transmission of smells and tastes from one dish onto another.

Convection Oven & Fan Assist

This method of cooking provides traditional cooking with heat from the top and the lower element, plus the use of circulation fan to ensure a fast and even distribution of the heat. Suitable for light and delicate baking such as pastries.

Centre Grill

This cooking method is normal grilling utilising the inner part only of the top element, which directs heat downward onto the food. Suitable for grilling small portions of bacon, toast, meat, etc.

Full Grill

This cooking method is normal grilling utilising the inner and outer part of the top element, which directs heat downwards onto the food. Suitable for grilling medium or large portions of sausages, bacon, steaks, fish, etc.

Conventional Oven

Top element & lower element. This method of cooking provides traditional cooking with heat from the top and lower elements. Particularly suitable for roasting and baking on one shelf only.

Lower Element

This method of cooking uses the lower element to direct heat upward to the food. For slow–cooking recipes or for warming up meals

Touch Control

Designed for ease of use, many Baumatic appliances offer Touch Control Operation. With this feature, products can be programmed at the touch of a button.


The Baumatic built-in multifunction compact oven features a contemporary stainless steel and black glass finish. The LCD full programmer allows you to set the cooking start time and cooking duration. Once finished, the oven will simply turn off.

The 11 oven functions include light; lower element; conventional; centre grill; full grill; fan oven; convection; fan and grill; pizza; defrost and preheat. The oven features a triple-glazed removable door and comes with safety shelf, deep stainless steel baking tray, shallow stainless steel baking tray and two support shelves.


Technical Drawing User Manual Energy Label Product fiche


Fuel Type Electric
Cavities Single
Net Capacity 34 litres
Energy Efficiency A Class
Timer LCD Full Programmer
Functions 11
Operation Full touch controls
Door Triple-glazed removable door
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